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- Callout, Labeled (updated) — label wrapper now supported in many functions. - LabelingSize — option that controls size used for labels. - LabelVisibility — option that controls priority of labels to display. - These functions all received support for automatic labeling of features in Version 12:.
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ewboolean{ForPrinting} %% UNCOMMENT the next line for a PRINT-OPTIMIZED VERSION of the text %% %\setboolean{ForPrinting}{true} % COMMENT the second line below to remove the watermarks ewboolean{WaterMark} \setboolean{WaterMark}{true} % UNCOMMENT the second line below for (unsightly) visible page separators ewboolean{ShowSeparators ...
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Entering Input. In a Wolfram notebook on the desktop or web, just type an input, then press SHIFT + ENTER to compute: In [1]:=. X. 2 + 2. Out [1]=. In [ n] and Out [ n] label successive inputs and outputs. The % symbol refers to the most recent output: In [1]:=.
Nov 19, 2012 · Using a built-in text. As a sample text, we will use the Darwin’s Origin of Species from Mathematica‘s built-in example database. The Short command shows a small piece of something large. Here we’re asking to see the two lines at the beginning and end of this text. sample = ExampleData[{"Text", "OriginOfSpecies"}]; Short[sample, 2]
Is there any way to tell Mathematica 7 to use "traditional" axes rather than boxing a three-dimensional graph? That is, rather than the default view produced by Plot3D[Exp[-x^2 - y^2], {x, -2, 2}... I have some plot Plot[a, {a, -6, 6}] I need to use it in Latex. However the problem is that labeling text style in Mathematica does not match with LaTeX text. So what I do, I copy the figure without ...
Again, the commands \label and \ref are used for references. The label is set after the \section statement, i.e. the \label command should be added after the counter number for the section has been generated. This also works on chapters, subsections and subsubsections. Jan 07, 2014 · The whole thing starts when I wanted to change the default font in Mathematica (the default is buggy on my Linux box if ms-fonts are not installed). Later I also modified some other defaults. It's not very trivial thus let me note it down the steps: (1) Open a notebook, in the menu choose "Format" -> "Edit Stylesheet". (2) Choose a style to change.
a) Hit the "?" on the new maps and select "return to the old google maps". On the old maps in the "map/traffic" widget at the top right of page you can uncheck "labels". In the left sidebar click "get it now" to return to the New google maps (or "dismiss" the 'remember I want old maps' notification and close/reopen the browser. alternatively
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